Osteopathy for Babies and Children

When might Osteopathy help my baby?
Some parents are concerned that their babies appear to have difficulty with the following:

  • appear to have trouble sleeping
  • getting rid of wind,
  • feeding problems (such as not latching on to the breast or not taking their bottle)
  • a tendency to always have their head on the same side when sleeping causing the appearance of a “flat spot” on their head
  • not having regular dirty nappies (constipation)

When Osteopaths examine babies, areas of tension can be found in the head or spine which are indications that the baby is uncomfortable. As a baby cannot explain how they are feeling they will typically express this by crying and being unsettled or irritable. 

In a research study conducted by Clive Hayden, (MSCC, MSc (Ost) D.O.) into the effects of the Cranial Osteopathic treatment of babies, some parents perceived the following changes in their children’s behaviour: Reduced colicky crying, improved sleep, less unsettled irritable behaviour and increased quiet happy spells.

Could my baby suffer an adverse reaction to Osteopathy?                                         
Often a child is very relaxed and can be quite tired after treatment. Occasionally they can be unsettled, this is a temporary response that occurs when mechanical changes are occurring post treatment. This only lasts for up to 48 hours. If you have any concerns PLEASE contact the Osteopath.

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