Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an exciting time but with so many changes taking place it is not uncommon for some women to experience discomfort at different stages of their pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormones create a softening of the ligaments necessary to allow the pelvis to expand for birth however,  these hormones effect the whole body not just the pelvis, making pregnant women more vulnerable to strains all over. Osteopathy can help to keep the pelvis, spine and muscles moving freely, allowing the body to adapt naturally to the shape changes experienced during pregnancy.

Mothers who have previously had back/ neck problems from accidents or injuries MAY experience more discomfort as the body adapts to postural changes and carrying increased weight. Equally so they may have no re-occurring problems at all, All pregnancies are different. Should you experience Osteopathic treatment can help with without the need to use medication. 

All mothers understandably want to know whether osteopathic treatment is safe when they are pregnant for them and their unborn baby.  Osteopathy is a drug free none invasive gentle therapy which works with your body to help ease tensions and restrictions.

  • We also offer advice on keeping active during pregnancy. 
  • Practical tips on sleeping positions and keeping you comfortable as your pregnancy progresses.
  • Advice on self help exercises to help you prepare your body for labour.

Some women seek help to ease:

  • Backache
  • Sciatica
  • Hip /groin pain
  • Pubic synthesis dysfunction
  •  Heartburn/ indigestion
  • Upper back tension
  • Rib/breathing difficultly 
    (when the rib cage is struggling to stretch 
    making it difficult to breathe deeply)

After Pregnancy

Some women can experience discomfort after their baby is born.  Osteopathic treatment can help ease these discomforts allowing you to get on and enjoy your new arrival.
We also offer advice on carrying and positioning for feeding to help prevent some of these problems.


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