Osteopathy and Sport


Athletes whether professional or amateur are all trying to push their bodies that bit further, its not therefore surprising that occasionally injuries occur. To perform at top levels, we need the whole body to be functioning correctly. If muscles become unbalanced, contracted or joints restricted through for example, underlying postural tensions or previous traumas, the body can’t work with mechanical efficiency.

Osteopaths work with the mechanics of the body. Improving flexibility, balancing tension, releasing joint restrictions and reducing inflammation to the traumatized area.

All sports require the athlete to have a certain level of cardiovascular fitness and then to develop additional strength and muscle flexibility relevant to the chosen sport.

After an injury we often compensate for the problem and use other joints and muscles in the area to perform a function they were not designed to do. While this allows the body healing time, to fully recover we need to start to use the correct muscles for the job.


* Ice straight away after even a suspected injury.

* Warm up and warm down after exercise.

* Seek help straight away if you suspect a problem.

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